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Superfood Sample, 13 oz

Superfood Sample, 13 oz

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 Superfoods are simply ordinary foods that naturally contain an extraordinary amount of certain nutrients. Acerola cherry, for example, is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, as well as C complex found in any food: its juice contains 32 times the amount of vitamin C in orange juice.

Each of our 13 superfoods is especially rich in one or more nutrients. Combining them into one whole food supplement gives Superfood a broad balance of the many different nutrients our bodies need to be healthy.

Our superfood sample comes pre-mixed and ready to use. 

The Bulk Superfood Ingredients Are:

  • Wildcrafted Acerola Cherry
  • Organic Alfalfa 
  • Organic Barley Grass (Powder)
  • Organic Beet Root
  • Chlorella 'Grown Without Chemicals'
  • Organic Lemon Peel
  • Organic Orange Peel
  • Wildcrafted Blueberries (Powder)
  • Wildcrafted Kelp
  • Organic Rose Hips
  • Spinach Powder 
  • Spirulina Blue Green Algae 'Grown Without Chemicals'
  • Organic Wheat Grass (Powder)

How much to take: Adults take 1 - 2 heaping tablespoons per day mixed with juice, a smoothie, or water. You can take more if you're fighting an illness. Children weighing about 70 pounds should take half the adult dosage. 

13 ounces of superfood will last about 3 weeks for one person who takes 2 level or slightly rounded tablespoons every day.

Storing your bulk superfood

Store your superfood in an airtight container in a cool, dry, and dark place, like a cupboard. It will maintain freshness for about a year.


Q - Are there any drug interactions with superfood?
A - A couple of the superfood ingredients (alfalfa and chlorella) should not be taken with blood thinning agents. Other than that, the other ingredients have no known drug interactions.

Q - Is superfood safe during pregnancy?
A - Yes, superfood is safe for pregnant and lactating women, as long as she is not taking blood thinning agents. (See the question about drug interactions above.)

Q - Are the superfood ingredients organic?
A - Yes, most of them are organic. The sea vegetables (spirulina, chlorella, and purple dulse) are technically wildcrafted or 'grown without chemicals' as is the acerola powder. Wildcrafted simply means those ingredients are harvested from the wild rather than cultivated.

Q - I have heard that Chlorella is such a good extractor that it can have toxins already in it if the growing conditions aren't pristine. What are the growing conditions of your chlorella?
A - Our chlorella is grown using the dark culturing method, which is inside, so the chlorella is not exposed to pollution that can be brought by rain, animals and bacteria. Our chlorella does not need to be broken to increase digestibility. It's thinner and softer and has about 80% digestibility without breaking.

Other chlorellas are produced in outdoor ponds, which leaves the product exposed to possible pollutants and other influences like unideal temperatures and weather. 

Q - What is the maximum temperature the superfood powders reach during the drying process?
A - All of the ingredients are dried at temperatures at or below 105 degrees.
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