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Our Whole Grain Wheat Berries, Flour & Food Storage Products

Our wheat products are NON-GMO (non-genetically modified) and also Chemical Free. These grains are also very clean, which is super important when milling your own flour since a small stone in the wheat could easily ruin your grain mill. We have a variety of wheat, including hard white wheat (Prairie Gold), hard red spring wheat (Bronze Chief), hard red winter wheat, soft white wheat, and some close cousins like spelt.

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Unpasteurized Almonds and Other Raw Nuts

Unpasteurized raw almonds have become increasingly difficult to find. We offer them during almost every co-op order for local pick up, or you can have them shipped directly to you when you order through our store.

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Bulk Superfood Powder

In our day of depleted soils and chemical fertilizers, it is wise to take a daily whole food supplement. A “superfood” is one which is nutrient dense, and may also fight diseases. Our Superfood is a blend of 13 organic superfoods, including spirulina and chlorella, two powerful detoxifiers.

Almost everyone who uses Superfood reports a noticable boost in energy and an overall feeling of better health. Buy it in bulk through our online store or coop, and feel the difference!

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