Oxygen Absorbers 1000 CC, 20 Pack

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Here is how to store your wheat long-term with oxygen absorbers, one of the easiest and most effective ways to store grain.

1. Assemble all the pails you'll be filling with grain and the grain itself. Once you open your oxygen absorber package, you'll need to use it within about 15-20 minutes because it will start working as soon as you open the packaging. If you will have extra oxygen absorbers, you can store them in a glass mason jar with a tight fitting lid and use them later.  

2. Label each pail. 

3. For a 5-6 gallon pail of wheat, use two 1,000 cc  oxygen absorbers, for beans and other foods with more air between them use twice as much. Its better to use more cc than less.

4. Place the absorber on the top of the product you filled the pail with and fasten the lid on. That was easy and now you're done! 

Storage Room

Ideally, the room you use for wheat storage should be no warmer than 65 degrees, at least most of the time. But since most of us do not have a room that cool, be sure to write the date on your pails so you can use up the oldest wheat first, and replace your storage supply as it dwindles. 

If you keep your wheat in a basement or outbuilding, set the pails on pallets or boards to avoid direct contact with concrete and increase circulation.

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