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Arrowroot powder is a healthy alternative to cornstarch. We use it to make gravies, and these gluten-free cookies, and according to our friends at More Than Alive, arrowroot powder is excellent in homemade ice cream and homemade cake flour. Here's how they use it:

1. Ice cream
If you’ve had homemade ice cream before you know that an overnight freeze makes it almost impossible to scoop! Adding arrowroot powder keeps it from turning hard as a rock in the freezer. It also helps prevent ice crystals from forming on your ice cream.

2. Homemade cake flour
I don’t even know how many times I’ve tried to bake a whole wheat cake and have been terribly disappointed. Since cake flour is a low-protein, refined wheat flour with cornstarch added, I wondered if a mixture of whole wheat flour and arrowroot powder might help my whole grain cake attempts turn out better. It worked! For every cup of flour called for in a cake recipe, I substitute 3/4 C. hard white wheat flour plus 2 T. arrowroot powder (Sift together with a fine mesh strainer). I use this with muffins and scones, too... read on

Here's why arrowroot powder is so healthy (excerpt from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook by Sally Fallon Morell):

“Arrowroot flour, the only starch with a calcium ash, is a nutritious food, obtained from the fleshy root stock of a tropical American plant. It is an easily digested food well fitted for infants and the convalescent.

It resembles cornstarch in being white, fine and powdery.  When heated in water in certain portions, it thickens to form a jelly, an excellent thickening agent. It is also considered more desirable for gravies, sauces and pastries than some of the more common starches and flours. It is used primarily for food in dietetic use, where it enjoys a reputation for smoothness and palatability.

 Arrowroot was once widely used in baby formulas as a superior carbohydrate, experience having shown it agreed with babies better than any other starch or sugar. We now find the reason. It is the only starch product with a calcium ash. In this regard, the calcium chloride, in the form of calcium found in arrowroot starch, is very important in the maintenance of proper acid and alkali balances in the human body.

Arrowroot only thrives on tidal flats where the sea minerals are available. Its known health-building properties may be due to trace minerals from the sea, as well as from the calcium it gets from the sea water. If it is used in ice cream formulas in place of cornstarch, arrowroot imparts a vanilla-like flavor, a smooth texture. Arrowroot as it comes to you is not a refined product; it is simply the dried and powdered root.”
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