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Organic extra virgin olive oil in a glass bottle. 

Product of Morocco

About This Olive Oil

 This organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains of the Marrakech region. ATLAS extra virgin olive oil combines the balanced fruitiness of Moroccan Picholine variety with a hint of artichoke from the Dahbia autochtonous Moroccan variety, that smoothed by the Arbequina, gives an aromatic complexity typical of oils from our region.

Extra Virgin: The Good Stuff!
Olive Oil has been called the definitive factor in the traditional Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet, as it happens, has also been called one of the healthiest in the world. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Of course, Olive Oil can’t take all the credit for the lack of Western diseases and degenerative problems over there…but it can certainly take a lot of it!
How Can Olive Oil Help Me?
In the Bible, Jesus told of a man on the side of the road, beaten and left to die. A Samaritan who stopped to help him, and dress his wounds, poured in olive oil and wine into the injuries. Wine obviously has disinfectant properties because of its alcoholic nature, but today we also know that Olive Oil is a disinfectant, protective lotion, and soothing agent.
Olive Oil has received quite a lot of attention from doctors, scientists, and well-respected university labs over the years. As a result of their diligent studies, we have information that sheds light on an abundance of benefits in this wholesome oil! It’s not surprising, because eventually, when it catches up, science always agrees with the Bible.
  • Lowers “bad” (LDL) cholesterol
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Protects against oxidative damage
  • Improves cognitive function
There are other benefits too, but I want to go into a little more detail with them…
Ear Infections:
When my siblings and I were kids, and our cold or whatever turned into an ear infection, we knew what Mom would do. She minced up some fresh garlic, stirred it into some warm olive oil, and dripped the stuff down into my ear.
I didn’t like it much, being an active youngster who generally disliked any type of remedy (as the unspoken childhood rule dictates) but it really did help the pain. Didn’t cure it, but it made it more bearable, and the infection cleared up quicker. It works, people!
Pain Relief:
Recently it has been discovered that Olive Oil contains a compound called oleocanthal that functions like Ibuprofen. It’s incredible, and really, really neat. Of course, being a natural, un-concentrated substance, it would take an awful lot to make a noticeable difference. You would have to consume about four tablespoons of olive oil to get 10% of the effect of an adult Ibuprofen dose.
The interesting thing about the study is in long-term use, though. If you regularly consume olive oil in decent amounts, your body can slowly build its resistance to pain. Pretty nifty, huh?
Ways to Use It:
Olive Oil is a delicious and classy way to dress up a meal. You can use it as a dressing on salad, (especially spinach, yum!) and it’s good if you add your favorite type of vinegar to drizzle with it, too. Another way my family enjoys it, is for a dip! I make a rustic rosemary herb bread, and we love to rip it into chunks and dip it in a dish of Olive Oil and cracked black pepper and coarse Celtic sea salt. Just typing about it is giving me warm little shudders of joy.
You can use it in place of butter in most cases. I’ve heard its exceptional on popcorn, though I haven’t tried that myself. Mediterranean recipes are of course generous with it. It’s good with pasta. Get creative!
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