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This maple cream is made from 100% certified organic maple syrup, however, the maple cream itself is not certified organic.

Maple cream  is 100% pure maple syrup that has been heated to 232° F, then rapidly cooled to room temperature. Then it's stirred until it develops a creamy texture. It's a prefect spread for toast, bagels, or crackers; slightly thinner than peanut butter.

Ingredient: maple syrup

Things to Do with Maple Cream:

  • cupcake frosting
  • spread on toast, bagels, muffins, or waffles
  • fold into whipped cream and fill eclairs or donuts
  • nibble straight from a spoon
  • great in crepes
  • use as a base when making your own sweet peanut butter
  • spread on crackers

About Maple Cream: 
We are so excited to offer these special maple products. Most of us here in the south have probably had some good maple syrup, but probably only a lucky few have ever tasted New England specialties like maple sugar, maple cream, and maple candy. To boot, all of these products are made with only one ingredient: maple syrup, and in this case, that maple syrup is organic. Make sure you take a look at the maple syrup and maple candy.

Maple syrup is harvested and produced in the spring, so this is the only time this year that we'll offer maple products direct from the farm. (Although maple syrup will be available later in the year, it won't be such a good price, and it won't be coming directly from the grower.

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