Stanley Prune Plums

Stanley Plums


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Stanley prune plums are wonderful for eating fresh, drying, canning, freezing, baking pies, and even making jam!

The plums we buy come from orchards in Michigan that use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) growing methods. Basically, this means that, although they are not organic, the grower uses alternative means to control insects and only sprays chemicals when absolutely necessary. When they do spray, they try to spray only the affected portion of the orchard, rather than applying chemicals to all the trees.

Italian Prune Plums, or “Stanley” plums are the purple jewels of autumn. Oval shaped with purpleish, blue/black skins and green/yellow flesh, these tasty tangy plums are an old fashioned favorite. Stanley plums are quite versatile. Being a freestone variety, they are excellent for cooking and canning since the pit comes away from the flesh easily. Many people also use them for jams, pies, and freezing. Besides eating them fresh, one of our family’s favorite ways to eat them is dehydrated as prunes.

Stanley plums are also delicious fresh, though not as juicy as store bought plums. Be sure to take the pit out before giving them to young children.

We usually take orders for plums in early or mid September. If you’d like to order with us, you’ll need to pre-order, so get on our email list, and we’ll send you a note when the order begins. Stanley plums are usually available in bulk 30 pound boxes.

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