100 Ways to use Coconut Oil

  100 Uses for Coconut Oil that Aren't Often Mentioned

Everyone knows Coconut Oil is good for us, when we cook with it, or bake with it, or use it in place of other oils. But what else is it good for? Turns out there are a myriad of uses, (one hundred, in fact) that we came up with; we think you'll find some of them interesting! Coconut oil has many common uses...but here are some you may not have heard of.  

Cosmetic and Luxury

1. Hair Treatment - moisturizes, prevents breakage, tames frizz, conditions, reduces static, and regulates production of oil on scalp, cutting down on dandruff.

2. Makeup Remover - rub it on and see how effortlessly the makeup comes off! I especially like it for eye makeup. Nontoxic and healthy!

3. Body Moisturizer and Elbow Rub - I love the smell of Green Label Coconut Oil for this.

4. Belly Butter - prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by smoothing some on that baby bump.

5. Flaw Remover - if you have visible pores, rub a little Coconut Oil in at night before bed and watch them shrink! Apply regularly to age spots, especially after exposure to sunlight, to revitalize your skin and make the spots disappear.

6. Acne Treatment - apply directly to whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, red spots, and old sores for an increase in healing and future prevention.

7. Mole Remover - when Coconut Oil is applied after an apple cider vinegar compress for several weeks, moles have been known to just "slide off" or disappear.

8. Chap Stick - moisturizes, and protects against further damage while soothing and softening.

9. Exfoliator - Coconut Oil and sea salt make a great invigorating scrub for your whole body.

10. Quick Dry - spray a little on nail polish to dry super fast.

11. Tan Lotion - combine with some used coffee grounds and apply liberally and evenly in the tub before your shower, and let it work its magic.

12. Wrinkle Rid - rubbing Coconut Oil on wrinkles and sagging skin strengthens the connective tissue to bring back that youthful look.

13. Massage Oil - soothing and nourishing to your skin. Could help with stomach/back massages, especially to ease cramps during PMS.

Baby Care

14. Rash Salve - Coconut Oil soothes little bottoms without synthetic vitamins or chemicals. It also creates a barrier between soft baby bum and the contents of the diaper, protecting against further damage and making for easier diaper change cleanup.

15. Soft Spot Strengthener - mothers in Samoa rub Coconut Oil onto their babies' soft spots to fortify the area.

16. Teething Pain Reliever - rub onto your little fella or gal's gums to soothe pain and discomfort.

Life Hacks and Practical Uses

17. Coffee Creamer - put it right in! Tea, cider, and especially hot chocolate are also yummy with it.

18. Sunscreen - protects against sunburn, and eases burns when you do get them, speeding up healing as well. Coconut oil approximately equals the sun protection of SPF 5.

19. Personal Lubricant - Ooh-la-la!

20. Shaving Lotion - for before and after to provide a close, smooth shave and then comfort your skin afterward. Shaving is rough on your legs!

21. Bug Spray - natural bug repellent, especially when combined with essential oils. Works better than anything with DEET in it, and much safer! Here are some good essential oils to use: eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and cedarwood, either individually or in combination.

22. Pet Care - put some in your dog or cat's water to help them get over an upset stomach, or simply to freshen breath. Put coconut oil on a cat's paw. The cat will groom with the paw and rub Coconut Oil on herself, cutting down on hairballs, and helping create a beautiful shiny coat.

23. Deodorant - rub some hardened Coconut Oil on those underarms and let your skin absorb it. Ta-da! Natural, and it works!

24. Chewing Gum in Hair Remedy - rub Coconut Oil over the stuck chewing gum, and leave it in for thirty minutes. Roll the gum between your fingertips, and it's out!

25. Get Good Signal - spray your satellite dish in the wintertime to keep snow from sticking. Works with anything else you want to keep snow off of.

26. Shoe Polish - rub some on for a nice shine, and also to waterproof. Test near bottom or back of shoe, first, to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

27. Board Wax - coat your skateboard or snowboard, and hit the street (or slopes, as the case may be)!

Aids and Remedies

28. Oil Pulling - swish in mouth for twenty minutes, spit it out, and rinse with warm salt water. The oil pulls toxins out of your teeth and gums, and deep cleanses by wiping plaque out of hard to reach crevices. Brush afterwards. Effectively whitens teeth, too!

29. Arthritis Rub - anti-inflammatory properties in Coconut Oil can help ease and lessen arthritis when rubbed onto the area.

30. Treat Stings - applying to insect bits and stings takes away the burn, and or itch, and reduces risk of infection.

31. Insomnia Cure - consuming a proper dose of Coconut Oil every day regulates your sleeping problems. 

32. Cramp Soother - rub directly onto area, allowing it to absorb into the skin.

33. Louse Killer - rubbing Coconut Oil through your hair and onto your scalp, and then leaving it on for thirty minutes to an hour before washing, suffocates lice and kills eggs. The oil also detaches them from your hair follicles so they can easily rinse out.

34. Nausea/Car Sickness Cure - rub some on the inside of the wrist and forearm to calm and upset stomach.

35. Thrush Treatment - use on mom's breasts and baby's mouth to relieve thrush.

Cleaning and Maintenance

36. Natural Lubricant - use on any hinges, machinery, the moving parts of juicers and other small kitchen appliances, garden tools, even small motors! It can do the job of Vaseline or WD-40.

37. Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets - rub a small amount all over your cast iron pot or pan after washing, but before you put it away . Prevents rust and brittleness, and helps to create a non-stick surface.

38. Leather Conditioner - rub a small amount onto real leather to soften and brighten it. Test on a small, out-of-the-way area first.

39. Gook Remover - put some Coconut Oil on sticker residue or other yuck that's sticky and hard to remove. Rub it around with a cloth or scrubby pad until the residue is gone. Then wash off the coconut oil.

40. Bathroom Cleaner - wipe a thin layer on soap scum and mildew, wait ten minutes, then clean as normal. A very natural and effective cleaner is baking soda by itself or with vinegar.

41. BBQ Bath - put some on your BBQ, let sit for an hour, then wipe clean with an old rag. Effective, and totally safe for you to cook on and have your food in contact with later.

42. Car Wax - rub your vehicle with Coconut Oil to get every last bug and drop of sap off of your car.

43. Rust Remover - rub onto affected area and wipe with a clean cloth.

Health Issues: Taking Coconut Oil Internally Has Been Proven to Help the Following Problems

44. Acid Reflux and Indigestion

45. Adrenal Fatigue

46. Allergies

47. Alzheimer's and Dementia

48. Asthma

49. Autism

50. Blood Pressure Regulation

51. Bowel Function

52. Bronchial Infections

53. Colon and Breast Cancer

54. Candida Albicans

55. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

56. Cataracts

57. Cholesterol

58. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

59. Crohn's Disease

60. Circulation

61. Colds and Viruses

62. Constipation

63. Cystic Fibrosis

64. Cystitis

65. Degenerative Disease

66 Depression

67. De-Quervains Tenosynovitis

68. Diabetes

69. Dysentery

70. Eczema

71. Edema

72. Endometriosis

73. Energy Boost

74. Epilepsy

75. Fever Support

76. Fibrocystic Breast

77. Flaky, Dry Skin

78. Gallbladder Disease and Pain

79. Gas

80. Gastritis

81. Glaucoma

82. Gonorrhea

83. Gout

84. Grave's Disease


86. H. Pylori

87. Halitosis  (bad breath!)

88. Hashimoto's

89. Heart Disease

90. Hemorrhoids and Piles

91. HIV

92. Hormone Regulator

93. Hyperthyroidism

94. Immune System Builder

95. Inflammation

96. Influenza

97. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

98. Jaundice

99. Kidney Disease and Kidney Stones

100. Liver Disease

Can you believe it?

There are so many tested uses for this incredible natural substance God made for us. There are even more diseases it helps; 37 more, to be exact. But to list them we would be here all day. We will be focusing some more in the next few installments on specific areas Coconut Oil can help.  Order coconut oil here for local pick up or here to have your order shipped.